About Us

Xenith IP Group Limited is the holding company for a group of entities providing a broad range of intellectual property (IP) services and advice along the innovation pipeline, providing clients with a holistic service offering around their IP and the opportunity for a better commercial outcome.

The company includes:

  • Griffith HackOpens in new window - Griffith Hack is a multi-award winning IP firm with a heritage stretching back more than 100 years. The firm is one of Australia’s largest filers of patents and trade marks and provides a comprehensive range of domestic and international services relating to protection, management, commercialisation and enforcement of IP rights.
  • Shelston IPOpens in new window - Established in 1859, Shelston IP is one of the oldest and most respected specialist intellectual property firms in Australia. The firm’s trade mark attorneys, patent attorneys and IP lawyers provide services and advice relating to the protection, management, commercialisation and enforcement of intellectual property – locally and internationally.
  • WatermarkOpens in new window – Watermark provides expert advice on intellectual asset management to deliver greater value for clients from their intellectual assets. The firm was founded by Edward Waters, widely acknowledged as the father of the IP profession in Australia, in 1859 and has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Its lawyers and attorneys align the IP needs of clients with their business objectives to drive profit and growth.
  • Glasshouse AdvisoryOpens in new window – Glasshouse is focused on enhancing the value of clients’ IP through a range of avenues including valuation services, patent analytics, research and development tax rebates and export market development grants.
  • Xenith IP Services Pty Ltd – Provides shared services across the group including human resources, finance, information technology, professional support and marketing.
  • The Group employs more than 400 staff, including approximately 175 IP professionals (patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and IP lawyers along with experts in specialist IP Advisory Services with expertise in the accounting, legal and finance disciplines) in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Xenith IP provides services across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the US and Europe to an extensive client base made up of large multinational companies, universities and research groups, start-up firms and solo inventors. The Group also works with an extensive network of international associate IP firms.
  • Xenith IP listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in November 2015, the second specialist IP firm to list on the ASX. The company acquired Watermark in November 2016 and Griffith Hack in February 2017. Glasshouse Advisory was launched as a separate entity in May 2017.